Sunday, 12 August 2012

31 Day Challenge - #11 Stripes, and my best purchase yet

A sober one today ladies, I am sure you are all glad to hear.

For the stripes challenge I decided to go for big blocky stripes, not thin ones and deffo not striping tape which just seems to repel itself from my fingers like fashion sense from a chav. Just 'had' to use one of my new essence twins again, shucks its a hard life. Therefore today is the first outing for Bella and Edward. They are so lovely. Perfect application and work so well together. ( Can I repeat my plea for anyone out there with any of these, or access to any of them to let me know as I would love the full set, esp Thelma and Louise, Carrie and Mr Big)

Here are my lovely pictures.

Here are the lovely folk who are also taking part in the challenge.

Now onto my purchase of the year., I heard people saying great things about this nail varnish remover, so decided to give it a go. It is absolutely fantastic. It even removes glitter without any harsh rubbing and scrubbing. Proper chuffed I am! So if anyone has a Bourjois distributor near them, grab it now ( I got mine from Boots for £4.99.


  1. oh wow that is such a lovely teal colour....I think I am in love!!!!

    when did that collection of essence polishes come out? So desperate...

  2. so pretty! I didn't know about that collection! Super cool