Monday, 13 August 2012

Nailpron Blog Awards, 2012

Okay, so here goes my next idea. I am full of them, you lot will get bored of them being I stop coming up with them. Can you imagine how bad I am to live/work with?
Over the past few weeks I have received lots of nominations for Leibster and Versatile Blogger awards. Now, I am new to blogging and I don’t think anything I do, or have done is worthy of any award, but I was very very touched to receive these.  But then I read about it its almost like a pyramid selling scheme where you get nominated and have to pass it on to x, who pass it on to x and all of a sudden these people receive loads of interest to their site and I wasn’t sure if I was up for all that, or what the purpose was.
So I am happy to announce that I am going to be holding the annual (if it is popular) Nailpron blog awards. This will either go down like an absolute lead balloon, or we can use it to praise people who inspire us, or giggle at our own efforts.
I think the categories should be.
Best Established Blogger (12 months + blogging OR over 200 followers)
Best Newcomer ( under the two above)
Best Blog Post ( in the past 12 months so from 01.08.11 till 31.07.12 inclusive)
Best Manicure
Worst Manicure ( you can only nominate your own in here, I don’t want anyone feeling picked on, this is about us being a fabby community together, not ripping each other to shreds, I for one am nominating my gradient, , 5 year old could have done better)
Best High End Polish
Best Value Polish
Best Indie Polish
I will accept nominations from now until 27th August. At which point I will tally everything up and then we will get a short list we can all vote on. I hope for the voting to be done and dusted by 7th September and the lucky winners will be announced on Monday 10th September.
I am not made of money but the prizes will be funded by me, and for the two Best Bloggers in both categories I will donate a set of the new W7 sprinkles polishes (Mosaic, Lava Flow and Salt & Pepper) For the next three categories, Best Blog Post, Best Manicure and Worst Manicure you will receive two out of the three of your choosing. I will also see if I can create a wonderful certificate! I think I can run to sending a set of three of the W7 sprinkles to one of the voters aswell J
If you want to nominate please either
-          Tweet me, I am @realsallymorgan
-          Email me,
-          BBM me 25F89951
-          Leave me a message on this blog
-          Send me a message on facebook,!/sally.morgan.7737
I don’t envisage needing war and peace from anyone, but it would be nice to know why you have nominated them.
If anyone has any more ideas about categories, or anything glaring I have missed, or perhaps thinks this is an absolutely stupid idea, let me know! I don’t want to make myself look like a right banana head!
The only rules I can think of are
-          You can only nominate one person/thing for each category
-          You can only nominate yourself for worst manicure and I will pick 5 of the worst to go forward to the final voting with the help of my lovely husband.
-          This  contest is open internationally
-          I am not allowed to nominate, because that wouldn’t be fair
Please spread the word, this isn’t just for people that follow me, or people in the groups that I am in/around. I want everyone to have a fair crack of the whip without having to jump through hoops.  This is my random act of kindness for the year, not me trying to win a personality contest.
In the event of no/so few nominations it isn’t worth running this, I will donate the money I would have spent on polish and postage to a charity called The Samaritans in the UK who listen to people who  are suffering and need a shoulder to cry on/someone to talk to. They are independent and their service relies on volunteers.  Here they are if you are interested

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