Sunday, 26 August 2012

31 Day Nail Art Challenge #25 Inspired by Fashion

This is a difficult one forme as I am not very fashionable. But I had a lok through the new vogue autumn/winter collections and picked something from there which I thought would transfer well into nail art.

My eyes were taken by this Missoni dress, which to be honest I would never wear in a month of sundays, but it looked nice in the picture.

However, in typical me fashion I didn't want to do it quite like the picture says. So, I decided to have a base of GOSH Galaxy. I feel quite sorry for this polish because if it was released at any time other than at the same time as GOSH Holographic Hero I am sure people would be on it like a dog eating chips, but as it came at the same time it seems quite ignored. It is a wonderful brownish sparkle, it applies wonderfully and it has some twinkly blue and red and orange bits sparingly spread through. I am very very impressed with it.

On top, to give the impression of the fishnetty ness I have used Konad plate M57 with the Konad Special Polish in Black. Here are the results

Here are the other ladies taking part in this challenge.

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