Sunday, 5 August 2012

Neon Lights are Shining Bright - BFF Challenge

I love neon nail varnish. Infact the first varnish I brought last year after years on the waggon was a toma which was such a florescent pink it almost looked a little blue. Unfortunately that one died in a tragic accident on holiday in Fuerteventura where it was left in the sun and turned into more of a sticky lump than varnish.

My love for Neon's is so great that it took me ages to get this one right as I just wanted it to be amazing. In the end I settled with a skittle look using 5 different polishes and to make it stand out even more I put a stamp across the top using my DRK-A plate.

The polishes I have used are

Thumb - Absolute! Purple
Index - China Glaze - Turned Up Turquoise
Middle - Color Club - Raspberry Scented
Ring - Nina Ultra Pro - Blu Blaze
Little - China Glaze - Flip Flop Fantasy.

Without blowing my own trumped I LOVE how this has turned out.

If you can, please have a look at what the other ladies have come up with on the same theme.